Opening titles for the Verizon E3 presentation at E3 2021

Working with the team at Verizon, I co-directed this intro/trailer with my friend and colleague Corey Langelotti.

We had a lot of story to tell with a four-week schedule in which to execute. Therefore, finding successful ways to tie the key visuals to the chapters of the keynote was essential, and the driver for all elements featured in the film.

In addition to the intro film, we created multiple looping backgrounds that would run during each speaker's address.  Each background employed visuals from the main intro film set to a loop to be started or stopped at any point during the live filming. 


Conceptually, the film explores the idea of “Versus.” Gaming is about competition, after all: The battle of you versus aliens, you versus friends, you versus yourself.

The design is at once refined and elegant yet also atmospheric and dark allowing for the Verizon brand red to enliven each character/environment


The intro film required that bespoke characters and environments be designed and generated to guide and reinforce the concept of "Versus."

We designed a colossus, knight & samurai, FPS characters for the pedestal environment, and a custom controller emerging from basalt stone and every other prop/object specifically for this intro. 


Creative Directors  Eric Lane, Corey Langelotti
Client Verizon
Production Co Hornet
Managing Director Hana Shimizu
Head of Production Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer Hana Shimizu
Production Supervisor Dez Stavracos
Senior Producer Marty Geren
Associate Producer Charlotte Bae
Production Coordinators Nora Zubiarreta, Nola Donkin
Senior Editor Anita Chao
Assistant Editor Minseok Kim
Storyboard Artist: Maria Chou
Environment/Character Design: Eric Lane, Corey Langelotti, Neil Jackson, Gonzolo Miranda
Type/Transition Design: Itay Tavel, Nikita Iziev, FedericoLöffler, Wunna Winter Maksimiuk, Alma Kim, Eric Lane, Corey Langelotti

Creative Director / CG Supervisor Eric Lane
Creative Director Corey Langelotti
Compositing: Matthew DeFranco, Ted Wiggin
Creative Direction Woodblock: Jan Bitzer

Lead Artist Woodblock: Paul Schicketanz

Assets & Sculpting Lead Woodblock: Alexander Dietrich

Producer Woodblock: Christian Zehetmeier

CG Artists Woodblock: Alexander Frey, Csaba Letay, Falko Paeper, Heiko Schneck, Markus Eschrich, Thorsten
Motion Design
Motion Lead: Itay Tevel
Motion Design/Animation: Itay Tavel, Nikita Iziev, Federico Maksimiuk, Alma Kim

EVP Chief Marketing Officer: Diego Scotti
SVP Chief Creative Officer Andrew McKechnie
VP Creative Marketing & Operations: Mike Wente
Executive Creative Director: Marc Sobier 
Sr. Creative Director: Martin Virginillo 
Sr. Creative Director: Joel Bloom
Associate Creative Director: Matthew Brant 
Associate Creative Director: Adam Rozanski 
Managing Director Integrated: Production Rob Beck 
Executive Producer: Winslow Dennis 
Senior Producer: Jose Diaz 
Business Affairs Manager: Debra Horvath 
Account Director: Jacqueline Cerniglia Dion 
Project Manager: Alyssa Vindigni

Music & Sound Design Q Dept. 

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