Honda Environment was a multi-spot campaign delivering several commercials describing the environmental efforts put forth by Honda Canada.

Some of these efforts include One Honda One Tree, 2/3rds Electric Vehicles by 2030, and Zero Waste to Landfill.

A handcrafted feel for the campaign was integral in echoing the previously mentioned environmental goals set forth by Honda.

CGI was leveraged to create a customizable look for both the scenes and characters within.


Director Yves Geleyn
Agency Grip
Client Honda Canada
Production Co Hornet
Executive Producer Hana Shimizu
Head of Production Sang-Jin Bae
Development Producer Kristin Labriola
Producer Matt Creeden
Editor Anita Chao, Stephanie Andreou
CG Supervisor Eric Lane

Music & Sound Design Grayson Matthews

 Pre Production
Storyboard Artist Gabriel Pages, Natalie Labarre
Character Designer Natalie Labarre
Environment Designer Patrick O' Keefe
Designer Yves Geleyn, Natalie Labarre, Patrick O' Keefe, Andrew Serkin, Sara Litzenberger

CG Lead Eric Lane
Compositor Lead Jeff Billon
Modeler Ivan Joy, Bryan Eck, Michelle Ko, Angela Rivera, Orges Kokoshari, Eric Lane
Texturer Christine Kim, Rui Zhu
CG Layout Artist Eric Lane, Oliver Castle, Kwan Au
Pre-Viz Sam Crees, Michael Sime, Anna Cardillo White, Paolo Cogliati
Rigger Eduardo Enriquez
Lighting & Rendering Kwan Au, Christine Kim, Eric Lane, Richard Kim
Compositor Eric Lane, Hae Deun Woo, Hieu Phan, Anthony Simpson
Animators Sam Crees, Michael Sime, Anna Cardillo White, Paolo Cogliati, Anthony Travieso
Matte Painter Andrew Serkin


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