Facebook Year In Review can be seen as a digital yearbook of one's life. Working with director Sam Mason, we generated a series of unique worlds reflecting specific moments in each user's individual life. 

A series of vignettes/modules were created to sit side by side yet also appear at any point along an end user's timeline as the experiences were custom-tailored to each individual Facebook user.

In the end, fourteen individual worlds were created to be used as a backdrop for user-generated content. 

Director Sam Mason
Client Facebook
Executive Producer Hana Shimizu
Head of Production Sang-Jin Bae
Development Producer Kristin Labriola
Producer Dez Stavracos
Editor Anita Chao
Production Coordinator Riley Spencer
CG Supervisor

Storyboard Artist Natalie Labarre
Designers Sam Ballardini, Stephanie Davidson, Kim Dulaney, Claire Kho, Sarah Orenstein, Gonzalo Miranda, Gordon Waltho

CG Lead Eric Lane
Pipeline TD Eric Cuhna
Modeler Ivan Joy, Angeline Rivera
Texturer Ivan Joy, Angeline Rivera, Rui Zhu
CG Layout Artist Ivan Joy
Pre-Viz Arsen Arzumanyan
Rigger Eduardo Enriquez
CG Sim/FX Gabe Askew, Lori Hamasaki
Lighting & Rendering Manuel Riedl, Susie Hong, Kwan Au, Oliver Castle, Dan Fine, Eric Cuhna, Nick Tustin
Compositors Sang Lee, Fred Kim, Matt DeFranco, Carl Mok, Herculano Fernandes, Kelly Bruce, Jason Tsang, Sylvia Apostol, Rachel Rardin
Camera Arsen Arzumanyan
Animators Jonathan Muller, Michael Sime, Jared Eng, Doug Litos
Matte Painter Gordon Waltho, Natalie Labarre

Lead Developer David Poyner
Digital Producer Nettie Tien
Lead Compositor Ted Wiggin
Compositors Heeyeon Chang, Haedeun Woo

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