'Baskin Break' tells the story of a maniacal group of monsters, mermaids, and unicorns engaged in synchronized swimming, sporting, and dancing all around a dedicatory cup of Baskin Robbin's ice cream. 

Working with Director Peter Sluszka, we employed live-action footage of ice cream on set and an outfit of talented 3D animators, 2D animators, and compositors to join the ice cream into this whimsical world of crafted CG characters. 

Director Peter Sluzska 
Client Baskin-Robbins  
Production Co Hornet                      
Executive Producer Hana Shimizu                       
Development Producer Kristin Labriola               
Senior Producer Marty Geren        
Production Assistant Riley Spencer          
Senior Editor Anita Chao
Asst Editor Dylan Leslie        
Storyboard Artists Sami Healy, Mike Luzzi
Character Designs Sami Healy, Sara Litzenberger, Eliot “Pencil Bandit”, Mike Luzzi, Bee Grandinetti
VFX Supervisor Eric Lane

CG Lead/VFX Supervisor Eric Lane
CG Layout Artists Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Eric Lane, Natalia Perez         
Modeling/Shading Ivan Joy, Dave Soto, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Natalia Perez
Pre-Viz Andrew Boccio, Anthony Travieso, Hee Jin Kim, Tom Shek
Rigging Origami Dollar, Jared Eng, Jordan Blitt, Josh Planz
Camera Andrew Boccio, Anthony Travieso, Hee Jin Kim, Tom Shek     
3d Animators Andrew Boccio, Anthony Travieso, Hee Jin Kim, Tom Shek, Meg Oswalt
2d Animators Sami Healy, Ty Enos, Andres Padilla
Look Development Elizabeth Ku-Herrero, Suzie Hong, Kwan Au, Christine Kim
Lighting/Rendering Eric, Lane, Suzie Hong, Kwan Au, Christine Kim  
Compositors Manu Gaulot, Herculano Fernandes, Matthew DeFranco, Keith Yan, Eric Lane

Line Producer Joel Kretschman
Director of Photography Ivan Abel
1st Assistant Camera Nate Spengler
Motion Control Operator Anthony Jacques
Motion Control Tech Julio Lopez
DIT Jon Osterman
Gaffer Michael Yetter
BB Electric Chris Clarke
Key Grip Garrett Cantrell
BB Grip Kevin Bacon
Food Stylist Diane Elander
Food Stylist Assistant Kim Byrne
Prop Master Tim McDonald
Art Department Intern Mikail Ekiz
Production Assistants Colin Williams, Drew Palmer
Script Supervisor Dylan Leslie

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